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colleen_solo_pic_new2CC Solicitors is a market leading firm based in Dublin providing specialist advice to organisations, businesses and employees on employment law matters.

Colleen Cleary has been recommended as a global leader in labour and employment law in Who’s Who 2019 as a“genuine expert” with a “top drawer practice” and “deep expertise in employment litigation” together with her fantastic team at CC Solicitors


The practice has a broad and in depth knowledge of employment law, which means by engaging us you will receive;
  • High quality and strategic advice
  • Practical and focused solutions
  • A fast paced service at a competitive rate

The firm provides an all rounded service to their clients on employment law issues that arise in the cycle of the employment relationship, from HR to restructuring of a business and litigation.

The firm is part of the International Employment Law Alliance, Innangard, which is an international alliance of law firms.


Innangard Committee strategy meeting in Barcelona, April 2016


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