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CC Solicitors are delighted to announce the launch of Innangard’s global employment law news alerts. CC Solicitors is a founding member of Innangard International Employment Law Alliance, bringing together leading employment law firms from around the world to collaborate on international and cross-border employment law and HR issues. 


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AUSTRALIA: Adverse Action Claim Fails but Lack of Written Agreement Bites Employer
A general manager who was dismissed for serious misconduct for making disparaging comments about the company’s directors during a potential transfer of business recently failed in his general protections claim under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (“FW Act”).  Read More



FRANCE: French Supreme Court Holds that Documents Drafted in English and Relating to Variable Compensation are Binding on American Employees
According to the French Labor Code, any document containing obligations for an employee, or provisions which are necessary for the performance of work, must be drafted in French.  Read More


innangardlogos_ccsolicitorsIRELAND: Schrems the Demise of Safe Harbour and the Rise of Privacy Shield
Typically, when Irish businesses sought to transfer employee personal data to US based entities, compliance was usually granted provided the US entity was signed up to a “Safe Harbour” agreement.  Read More


innangardlogos_daverio&florioITALY: Secondment of Personnel Between Group Companies
Italian Labour law includes some very specific rules addressing the secondment of employees between employers.  Read More


innangardlogos_vanhallTHE NETHERLANDS: Making Working Beyond the State Pension Age More Attractive for Employees and Employers Alike
The Working beyond the State Pension Age Act came into effect in the Netherlands on 1 January 2016.  Read More


innangardlogos_fonsecaSPAIN: Does Selection of a Group of Older Employees for Dismissal Amount to Age Discrimination?
Spanish regulations prohibit age discrimination as part of the Fundamental Right to Equal Treatment. Age discrimination is a very significant issue in Spain in the selection of employees for dismissal.  Read More



UNITED KINGDOM: Mind the Gap: UK Gender Pay Gap Regulations have Arrived
One of the most talked about UK employment law developments of 2016 – the draft Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap) Regulations 2016, is expected to come into force in England, Wales and Scotland from 1 October 2016.  Read More


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