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Work-Life Balance in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Due to an increasingly digitalized work environment and economic globalization, a thought exercise on maintaining a healthy work-life balance has been pressing for some time.

As so often during crises, the corona crisis has served as a catalyst for certain concepts that play a role in the work-life balance.

In this podcast, Inge Derde from Bellaw in Belgium, Anna Cozzi from Daverio&Florio in Italy, Naomi Latham from CM Murray in the United Kingdom,
and Bernadette Daly from CC Solicitors from Ireland, discuss the evolutions of certain legal concepts associated with work-life balance from a legal standpoint and what lies ahead.

Panel chair Jef Michielsen from Bellaw in Belgium and the panellists address, amongst other subjects:

The results of trials in Ireland and the United Kingdom concerning the 4-day working week
The practical concerns of the already established 4-day working week in Belgium
The gradual emergence of the right to disconnect in Italy and Belgium
The Code of Practice on Right to Disconnect in Ireland
Remote work in Belgium and Italy
The right to request flexible working in the UK and Ireland.