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Innangard expansion

CC Solicitors is a founding member of Innangard, the International employment law alliance. Colleen Cleary who is currently Chair of the alliance is thrilled to see so many like-minded law firms from across the globe join the alliance. The growing membership is testament to Innangard’s commitment to create a global platform for specialists to collaborate on employment law and HR issues. In the last six months. Innangard has welcomed four leading employment law firms, namely: Abreu Advogados, Portugal; Poul Schmith, Denmark; Creel Abogados, Mexico and KP Law, Turkey.

The addition of these firms will strengthen Innangard’s global reach which currently includes members from 16 law firms from right across Europe, China, Latin America and Australia.

Innangard provides an opportunity for each firm to share its knowledge, keep updated on topics and also to leverage the synergies between these established employment law firms. With the tremendous changes and transformations in the world of labour law, it guarantees that each firm stays up to speed on trends and maintains a high quality of service to all clients.