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Partnership Advice

Ensuring confidentiality

Conflicts often arise between shareholders, directors and partners. We regularly advise partnerships and professional service firms on their handling of conduct and performance issues, exits, discrimination, whistleblowing complaints and the enforceability of restrictive covenants.

We also act for salaried and senior equity partners in the professional services sector. We offer confidential and strategic advice to partners that protect their reputation. We also provide advice to partners who are considering an individual or team move to another firm. We have extensive experience in advising them on their rights and obligations, restrictive covenants and on the handling of partner team moves. We also negotiate exit payments on behalf of partners. We provide clear, commercial and practical advice on shareholder, director and partner issues. We have extensive experience advising on legal issues that arise from appointment to the termination of a partnership arrangement.

How we advise and protect

  • Represent clients on partnership arrangements and partner moves and exits, assisting in drafting communications and documenting exit arrangements including the financial package
  • Provide legal and HR guidance to protect professional reputation when negotiating exit packages
  • Advise on enforceability of restrictive covenants, shareholder rights and minority oppression, termination, resignation and the negotiation of exit arrangements.