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Why guidance matters

Internal employment investigations are a significant feature of workplaces in Ireland. Organisations and individuals alike need careful guidance on how to process and navigate an investigation. A mismanaged investigation can be hugely damaging. Workplace investigations can be complex, unwieldly and often involve issues of reputational damage for individuals. This means that the process may be subject to close scrutiny and can on occasion be subject to legal challenge.

Our experienced team advises organisations and senior executives on the conduct of all workplace investigations such as bullying, sexual harassment, whistleblowing and professional misconduct. When handling these investigations our approach is to minimise any legal exposure or damage to reputation.

We are recognised and accredited by the US Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI). Our experience and skill in providing strategic and often privileged advice means that we safely guide our clients through a potentially protracted and complex process. We also act as mediator and are CEDR qualified.

Providing procedural direction and requirements

  • Act as an independent investigator for the client or adviser to the client on the conduct of the investigation
  • Review and draft terms of reference of the investigation
  • Provide strategic advice throughout the process from planning through to the final outcome report
  • Identify all relevant policies and procedures
  • Review draft outcome report to ensure the findings are aligned to the evidence and the terms of reference
  • Minimise exposure and fall out from the investigation and seek dispute resolution and settlement
  • Act as independent and impartial mediators in employment disputes.