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Providing expert support and negotiation

On occasion employees, senior executive and founders need expert help and support with employment. We help clients navigate sensitive issues such as remuneration, commission, bonus, deferred compensation or stock options. In more challenging workplace situations or when allegations arise, we provide confidential advice on the best path forward so that the reputation of the employee is protected. We negotiate to maximise any termination payment and advise on the structure of the payment to ensure it is paid in the most efficient manner. We also advise on post termination restrictions, and how this will impact on future working arrangements. We assist the employee in negotiating a smooth exit from their employer with their reputation intact.

How do we provide support?

  • Review contracts of employment to ensure they reflect agreed terms and conditions
  • Provide guidance on how to proceed or respond to internal workplace issues or internal investigations, grievances, disciplinary, bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination or performance issues
  • Advise on failure to promote or non-payment of bonus for discriminatory reasons
  • Represent clients on discrimination issues including issues arising from maternity leave, request to work flexibly, reasonable accommodations and retirement age.
  • Provide guidance on termination arrangements and how this might impact future employment including negotiating an exit package and post termination restrictions
  • Counsel on corporate restructures and redundancies
  • Provide guidance on various employee and HR issues including: whistleblowing, protected disclosure, penalisation and workplace health and safety issues as well as process data access requests
  • Representation in employment claims including claims for unfair dismissal, penalisation, payment of wages, discrimination and personal injury claims for stress