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What Questions has the Platform Economy thrown up? A Cross-Border Perspective (Part 1)

We are delighted to bring you this recording of an expert discussion between members of leading international employment law alliance Innangard, exploring and offering insight into key issues concerning workers and employers in the current climate in the UK, Spain and Sweden.

The platform economy continues to raise new employment law queries, which legislation and caselaw are now catching up with. This discussion takes a close look at some of the more common issues being faced by platform companies and their workers and examines the protections and remedies potentially available to both.

The discussion is hosted by Merrill April (UK), with contributions from María José Sánchez (Spain) and Carl-Fredrik Hedenström (Sweden).

The key questions addressed by the panel include:

  1. How has the status of platform workers developed in the UK, Spain and Sweden?
  2. Has the development been linked to the different employment statuses recognised by each jurisdiction?
  3. How did the courts reach their decision in the Uber case in the UK and what have been the impacts of the decision?
  4. What has been the reaction from riders, platform companies and unions to new legislation covering digital platform workers in Spain?
  5. What has been most influential in developing the rights of platform workers – caselaw, legislation or collective agreements?
  6. Has the widespread use of collective agreements in Sweden resulted in differing treatment for platform workers?

Listen out for Part 2 of the recording where the speakers continue their discussion on the topics of AI and algorithmic management, taxation and social security as they relate to platform workers.