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Insights into Workplace Investigations | A CC Solicitors Webinar

July 15, 2024
Colleen Cleary, Regan O’Driscoll and Bernadette Daly from CC Solicitors hosted a webinar on ‘Insights into Workplace Investigations’, in which they shared their experiences and discussed best practice of workplace investigations. They cover:

Conundrums of Workplace Investigations

March 29, 2024
In this article and our accompanying podcast, we consider the various conundrums that can arise in the context of ongoing and live internal workplace investigations. For example, we consider the following: How an organisation responds to an internal complaint is crucial. Therefore, it is imperative that you chose your investigator with care. The person you […]

Workplace Investigations – Choose your investigator with care

July 17, 2023
There is no specific legislation or required qualification to conduct a workplace investigation, hence the approach of workplace investigators is wide and varied. It is important to choose your investigator with care as well as having a well drafted policy in place, to ensure the investigation is conducted with the requisite skill. The importance of […]